Best time saving techniques for students

Do you feel that there are not enough hours in a day to complete your to do list? Are you always behind on your assignments, studying, homework…?

Here are a few tips that will make your day longer and save you many hours.

time saving techniques

1. Find out when you work most efficiently

You probably know it – some people are early risers, some are night owls, some are somewhere in-between. But did you know that many people actually don’t know when they are the most productive? Here is a way to find out when you can concentrate the best: do a few simple math problems early in the morning and late at night (you can also do them during the day). Repeat this a few days in a row to get reliable results. Compare the accuracy of your answers and the time you needed to complete the assignment. This way you will see if you can concentrate better in the morning or in the night. The result might surprise you – I always knew that I am more productive in the mornings, but recently I found out that my peak performance time is from 4 am to 7 am and from 7 pm until 10 pm. Use the time you are naturally more concentrated to complete your most difficult assignments and the rest of the time to read or take a rest. You will get more done – guaranteed.

Also, working at your peak performance time will help you saving your energy – which will be even more effective than if you try to save just time.

 2. Do it because it’s 5 pm

You might disagree with me on this one, but people actually really like a routine. If you have a routine you are much less likely to procrastinate and do things which are not on your to do list. Therefore schedule your day (with having your time of peak performance in mind) and make it a habit. For example: do your assignments at 5 am every day, no matter what. If you have a different schedule every day, you just need a plan for every day of the week. For example on Monday after school I study Math for 1 hour. When you do it even if you are tired it will soon become a habit and you will get more done just because you actually do more.

3. Organize your life

If your desk, your apartment, your computer desktop, email inbox etc are a mess, you are losing precious time to find things and to think clearly. Throw stuff away which you don’t need and organize the rest – maps and folders are your friends. I promise, once your environment is in order, your life will be in order. Don’t forget to organize your schedule, too. Are you losing time because you didn’t plan your day properly? Are you doing different things at the same time? Do you group similar activities together and do them one after another? Organizing your schedule will help you to see where you are losing time, it can also save you many hours in a day.

4. Schedule your reward

Schedule a night out, tv time, playing computer games as a reward after completing all of your tasks. This will give you an additional boost of energy to finish your work by a certain time. However, if you don’t complete your work and procrastinate you have to withhold the reward. Be like a strict parent to yourself.

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