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If you have any problems related to studying, if you are stuck, or if you have trouble following through, solve your problems with coaching. The useful and powerful first session is for FREE.

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What can Nerdini’s coaching help me with?

If you have problems with studying, motivation, confidence …
If you want to enter a certain school, pass a particularly difficult exam …
If you struggle to start or complete tasks as papers, a thesis, research…
If you have trouble deciding what to do with your life, which major to choose, which job to apply for ….
If you are searching for employment…
…and much more.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a powerful tool which helps you to create a great goal, a plan to get there and to overcome all obstacles on the way. It rewires you and helps you to believe in yourself and your abilities – your goals are just one stretch away.

COACHING helps you to make your DREAMS COME TRUE.

How many coaching sessions will there be? How do they look like?

The most effective way of coaching is a program of 6 sessions (45 minutes each) in 3 months. This time frame is chosen because it takes a few sessions for you to get the momentum you need and because you need some time between the sessions to realize your action plan prescribed by your coach.
However, coaching sessions can be tailored according to your personal needs and wishes.

In a typical coaching session we decide on a goal for the session, which will bring you nearer to your overall goal. We explore why you were unable to accomplish it until then and make a plan and motivate you that you can succeed in the following 1 or 2 weeks. At the end of each session we agree on an action plan which will bring you closer to your ultimate goal.

Coaching is usually performed on the phone. We call you – either using Skype or regular phone. You also receive unlimited email support.

What results can I expect?

If you follow through with coaching for at least 3 months, you will see drastic improvements in your motivation levels, you will know exactly what to do when you get discouraged, depending on your goal you will either reach it or become fully equipped to reach it in a short time.

How can I get my FREE SESSION?

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How much per session?

Depending on the area in which you need coaching, the price varies. However, I want to provide affordable coaching for students, meaning that a session can be as low as $50.