You can learn anything in a short time, even if you are not a genius (just a wannabe nerd like me)!

I am a Microbiology student, a language teacher and Nerdini’s mama. I am always trying to find new ways for my students to learn a language in a fun and easy way – I am using the same approach here. As a Microbiology student I have to memorize a lot of material, study, connect, apply… With my usual way of studying that wouldn’t have been possible – I just didn’t have enough time to do everything I was supposed to.
But, it’s always possible to become better – I am the living proof. After a lot of research and developing my own learning style, I decided to share my knowledge with you – I am sure that everyone can be successful and learn anything with the right tools!

This way the Nerdini’s Nerd Page came to life – for everyone who is struggling with studying, time management and tends to forget the learned content, who thinks that learning something is too difficult or that studying can’t be fun – I can’t wait to prove you wrong :)

If I can do it, anyone can do it!

Also, I love nerds – can’t wait to see more of you :)



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