Get better grades and study less

Ever got better grades even though you studied less?

– Here is how to always get better grades and study less

A friend (hi there :) told me once that sometimes she gets better grades when she is studying less – in other words, when she didn’t have enough time to prepare for an exam. I think she just prepared more efficiently when she didn’t have enough time to study – only the most important things and that was why she got better grades in the end. You can achieve the desired effect every time – without having to experience the time pressure of starting late.

How to always be efficient when studying:

1. the most important things first – whenever you start studying, don’t start with the first page, learn the most important concepts first. Leave the details for later – if you run out of time to learn the details, you will still know the gist, which is the most important anyway.

2. speed read – don’t read everything – some students read just every word that is printed in a book – the chapter introduction, additional information, fun facts… It might be nice to know all that, but read the most important parts first. Start with the headlines and summary, then the explanations of keywords… Then speed read the main parts. If you have some time left and really want to know more, you can still read the fun fact section. Learn the whole process of reading fast and efficient with Nerdini – subscribe to the newsletter.

3. don’t be a perfectionist – don’t strive for reading everything, writing neat notes, perfectly understanding the content. Strive for excellence, but perfectionism will just slow you down. Get rid of the urge to be perfect with Nerdini – subscribe to the newsletter.

4. be time conscious – if you planned to finish a chapter in 30 minutes, finish it in 28. Set a timer and aim to finish the assignment you planned in the desired time frame. Set the time frame realistically, though.

5. don’t take linear notes – linear notes are such a waste of time. Don’t bother. Save much time and make a mind-map. How to make an efficient mind-map

6. trust yourself – you can remember more and recall well, just believe in yourself. So many students fail to learn just because they have a picture of themselves failing in their heads even before they started. How to believe in yourself and study efficiently with Nerdini – subscribe to the newsletter

This way of studying is especially fun to do when you don’t like the subject which you have to study – you will finish it in record time.

Got the gist? So, what are you going to study efficiently today?

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