How to memorize anything fast

Do you have a test tomorrow, have to memorize a lot, but struggle with it? Here are some tips (but use them only when it’s urgent, the contents probably won’t stay in your long-term memory.For long-term memory storage subscribe to the Newsletter more elaborate techniques)

Imagine and associate. These are the two things that will make the biggest difference.

How to imagine:

In case you have lost a lot of your imagination super-powers from your childhood, here are some pointers on how to do it right (you can also ask your little sister or niece ;)

Make it:
1. colorful
2. clear
3. moving
4. detailed (include smell, touch, sound, taste… as much as you can)

Associate Associate anything (from a new word, to a concept) by creating a weird clear picture of it in your mind (it has to be a picture – if you have to memorize abstract concepts, you still should imagine something tangible that you can connect with it). Then connect the picture with other things (subtopics, properties, structure – anything necessary) by making a weird picture out of the images.
Connect it:
1. in unusual ways (unusual uses, reversed uses …)
2. play with sizes (make things huge, big things small, disproportional …)
3. make it d-i-r-t-y (maybe this one is the most efficient, but also the most risky…)
4. make it funny
5. put some action into it (for example crashing, hitting, running …)

This way you will be able to memorize a lot in a short time and you won’t get bored.

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