The secret of being and staying smart

This little trick will make you the smartest you’ve ever been and save you a lot of study time

Nerdini short hair.jpg (1)When I learn something new, I know it and no one can take this away from me – except for my lazy brain which forgets 80% of what I put in… It feels like I forget with the same speed as I learn new things… This is frustrating… But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Studying is supposed to get easier with time. Here is a trick to remember at least 80% of what you put in your head and not get your knowledge dusty for a long time – this is what can make the difference between a smart nerd and a wannabe nerd :)

The secret is REVISION. But there are a few obstacles:1. we can’t revise everything we have ever learned all the time, 2. it’s boring to redo and reread everything again and again, 3. revision is time consuming.

Here is what you can do to make your revision much more effective:

1. Choose the right timing – if you get the timing of your revision right, you won’t have to revise something 5 or even 10 times – a few times will be enough (the exact number depends also on your concentration, the content…) When is the right timing?? Don’t revise too soon (right after you have finished with studying), also not too long after you have completed your study-session. First take short a break, then revise! You will remember much more, because your recall actually rises a few minutes after you have learned something. If you get this one on time, your next revision can be in 24 hours.

2. Consider the duration – don’t make the study sessions too long – even if you start to understand things and feel that you can concentrate better after 20 minutes… Make your study session 20-30 min long and take a short break after that. This way you will reduce forgetting to a minimum.

3. When you revise, play around – make fun games from your study material  and you won’t get bored. (especially if you are an adult! taking studying too “seriously” hinders learning, so loosen up!) Games can be really easy, but very effective. Subscribe to the Newsletter for more ideas on games and having fun while studying.

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