VIP Speed Reading Secret #3 – Speedy Eyes

You have mastered the first few reading techniques, but there is more. This secret explains how to use your eye movements to your advantage, so that you will get the most out of your time spent in front of the books.

When you read, you fix your eyes on different points. If you reduce the number of your eyes’ fixations, you can read much faster! I also used to focus on one or two words at a time, but actually we can see up to 5 words at once.

All you have to do is to relax your eyes and “zoom out” (you will automatically move a bit away from your book/text). Try to see two words at a time, then three, then four…if you try it for a few times, this shouldn’t be a problem. Even if you can broaden your field of vision to three words at  a time instead of two, this will have a huge effect on your overall reading speed.

With time you will find that you can also see the upper and lower line – so three lines – at the same time. This will increase your reading speed even more (although your overall comprehension might suffer in this case – do as much as you feel comfortable with and increase your speed gradually).

You can also change the way you move your eyes. Try to make a zig-zag motion through the text. If you can expand your vision to see five words at a time, you will just have to move your eyes through the middle of the text and you will be able to read all the words (reader-friendly books don’t print more than 10-12 words per line).

What are you waiting for? Try these techniques out on as many books as you can! :)

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